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All you ever need to know about burning fat to lose weight, build muscles and getting a well toned irresistibly attractive body glowing in superb health!

What are the best ways to lose fat, tone body or build muscles fast naturally, healthily and permanently?

Article by Chris Chew - Trainer of pageant winners.

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Chris Chew is the Fitness Consultant and Advisor to the prestigious annual Mister International (world sexiest men male pageant competition) and Mr Singapore Organization.

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Dear Motivated Readers,

Yup! That's you! You've found this website because you believe that you can transform your body shape healthily no matter what physical condition you are in right now. You refused to let anyone tell you that you are overweight and embarrasingly fat because you are genetically predisposed to be and so, you are determined to prove them wrong!

Congratulations! Because armed with the information you will be discovering in this website or even the following article, you will soon be fit as a fiddle and will own a magnificently well toned attractive body that others can only talk about!

Here, you will find numerous body sculpting articles and programs for both men and women to get the exciting results that you want.

Sceptical? Of course you have the right to be. That is why I will not kid you. There is work to be done and unless you are willing to put in the unwavering effort and time to get the body that you desire, then keep on reading.

If not, then just continue to pray for a miracle to happen or keep searching for that elusive magical pill like you have always been doing and stay where you are. Are you up to the challenge? You are? AWESOME!

C'mon, admit it. You would have probably tried various diets and exercise programs to lose weight or to build muscles without being very effective or that your progress was excruciatingly slow, didn't you? Do you know why?

So before I introduce to you some of the most successful weight loss and muscle building methods used by thousands of people everyday all over the world, here are some free articles that will provide the answers to your lingering questions.

Weight Loss Mistakes
The reason why you are not losing weight effectively is because you may have commited some of the cardinal sins of burning fat. This article discusses the most common myths and mistakes about losing weight and show you how to lose weight successfully, quickly and healthily.

How To Get Bigger Muscles
Is your genetic makeup preventing you from getting bigger ripped muscles? If you think so, then here is the good news! You are wrong! Anybody can build fabulous looking muscles. This article explains how you can boost your anabolic muscle growth.

Reverse Age, Lose Weight And Gain Muscles With Hgh
I am dead against the use of steroid supplements to achieve your perfect body goals because the negative side effects of steroids are not just worth it! The good news is that you can help your body to safely produce more natural human growth hormones(hgh) to look and feel younger and at the same time to lose fat and gain lean muscles.

How To Get A Male Swimmer's Sexy Body
Many people mistakenly think that professional swimmers get their fabulously sexy bodyshape through swimming regularly. If you want to get the well proportioned physique of a competitive swimmer, then this article is for you.

Why Muscular Guys Have More Sex
Contrary to what most people think, there are now numerous studies to show that women are attracted to well proportioned muscular men and these men have more sex than the averagely built guys!

The Most Effective Ways To Burn Fat Get Muscles Quickly

Hi, my name is Chris Chew. Being a professional celebrity fitness trainer for the last decade or so and the creator of "Burn Fat Build Muscles Fast System", I often receive emails and questions from my clients and website visitors such as :-

  • How is it that you are able to train models, actors, actresses, pageant winners to lose fat and get their bodies in top lean physical well toned condition so quickly without compromising their health and well being?

  • How to lose weight quickly without getting ugly stretch marks and instead obtaining a well toned attractive physique?

  • I have been training and working out with weights for some time now but results from my muscle building effort seemed to be very slow. How can I build bigger and well defined muscles quickly?

  • How fast can I lose fat and gain bigger muscles quickly and effectively?

  • I am a woman and am afraid to work out with weights because I don't want to be muscular like the bodybuilders but yet I want a well toned body like those of sexy swimwear bikini or female fitness models. Can you show me a fitness program that I can grow thinner and get a shapely petite feminine body quickly?

  • I workout with hundreds of crunches, sit-ups and leg raisers everyday, why are my six pack abs not showing? What must I do to get well defined ripped abs muscles?

  • I am a very busy executive and can hardly find time to exercise, can you show me a quick workout program so that I do not need to spend hours everyday in the gym to get the body and health that I want? Can you guide me with the most effective fitness program so that I can lose weight and build a lean muscular body in the shortest time possible?

  • How can I build bigger biceps, triceps, back and chest muscles or any part of my body I desire to be more muscular?

  • How can I get rid of flabby fat in my arms, buttocks, love handles and thighs? Can you help my husband to get rid of his beer belly to have a flat stomach?

    The above are just common samples to the hundreds of body sculpting and health questions that I receive every other day and instead of replying each and every question tediously, I have created this website to provide you with all the answers!

    At the bottom section of this page, you will find questions and answers to the most commonly asked questions FAQ about getting a fabulous, healthy and attractive bodyshape.

    In other words, this website is a complete informational resource for you to get all the information you need to get your perfect body, well, if not, at least near the perfect body that you desire (have to be honest eh?). It does not matter whether you are a woman or a man, if you are embarrased and are often teased about your bodyshape and have a less than optimum health condition, you will find the body sculpting answers that you have been searching for all your life here.

Just think about it. How would it feel like to emerge from your out of shape body and become that muscular handsome beach hunk or to own the body of a fabulous female fitness model?

Just imagine, how would you feel and look if you can now walk tall and proud in your swimwear making heads turn? Can you picture yourself attracting admiring stares when you are in your T-shirts, tank tops or skimpy beach wear? Of course you can, can't you? In fact, you are probably daydreaming about it everyday, haven't you?

However, herein lies the problem. You would have probably searched high and low in the internet to find the solutions to your problem areas and realized that there are thousands of sites promising you that you can get rid of your ugly tummy fat, unsightly love handles, embarrasing male breasts, flabby arms or thunder thighs or sites that claim that they can pack you up with pounds and pounds of huge defined muscles, well toned abs muscles and that you can gain handsome muscular weight in just weeks with their "New Earth Shattering Breakthrough" bodybuilding or body sculpting products!

This clutter of information is certainly frustratingly confusing, isn't it? The question then is which of these promises are real stuff by real experts and which are fluffs and scams which are out to make some quick bucks out of you?

You know something? You are not alone. These were the very questions I faced when I first started out as a professional fitness personal trainer.

You can be absolutely sure that I was certainly a very confused fitness instructor back then. Not any longer though and soon you will be like me because I will be showing you how to get the best true and tested methods to lose weight and get a sexier body!

How Was Burn Fat Build Muscles System Created

You see, in order to stay on top of my profession, I have to constantly upgrade myself to keep current with the latest development and scientific breathrough in the health and fitness industry. Therefore, I have to subscribe to numerous credible fitness journals and have personally tested many bodybuilding and weight loss programs so that I can deliver the best information to the celebrity clients whom I am coaching.

In the course of such pursuits, I've came across many fitness programs that are utter rubbish, but on the brighter side, also some really mind boggling stuff which are scientifically proven to work and work well they did for myself and my clients! Now, this is getting interesting, don't you think so?

It is for this reason that I have decided to devote this "Burn Fat Build Muscles" website to clear up the confusion. This is why I have collected and compiled some of the best programs for rapid weight loss, muscle building and body sculpting information available in the web to help you with your quest for a strong and healthy body so that you will not be duped into getting less powerful fitness system by lesser unknowns or even charlatans.

woman fitness model image
Jennifer Nicole Lee

Creator of Get A Female Fitness Model Sexy Body
Ladies Makeover Program

Yes, your search for getting a healthier, fitter and better physique is finally over!

Let it be known that I have personally researched, tried and used these information on my clients and myself so that what I am going to show you are those that I have used to transform skinny punks to handsome hunks, fat overweight unfit men and women into to fit and healthy studs, pageant winners and swimwear fitness models!

Also, further down this page is a health and fitness tips segment where I answer some of the most common questions my clients often ask me about losing weight and gaining muscles.

Read This Warning - So if you are fed up with your present body shape or is exasperated with people calling you all kinds of cruel nicknames because you are overweight and out of shape, you will find all your solutions in this Burn Fat Get Muscles website and have the last laugh!

I shall be introducing to you to many very effective tried and tested information that works to get you into your irresistibly attractive bodyshape. However, this information will just be merely knowledge in your head.

The knowledge that resides in your brain is doing nothing, yes, nothing, until you decide to single mindedly take determined action and make use of them to change your life for the better. In other words, start taking massive action to get the body of your dreams.

People say that knowledge is power. They are wrong! You have been lied to. The REAL POWER is in applied knowledge. If you do not apply and make use of your knowledge, nothing is going to happen. You stay where you are. Period.

All the knowledge in the world isn't going to help you to grow thinner or get bigger sexier muscles if you don't do anything about it! Of course you already know that, don't you? You do? Then what are you doing about it? Are you still waiting for the sky to drop or are you going to take powerful action now? What is your excuse this time?

So if you want to lose your beer belly, love handles or to get that six pack abs quickly, you must make a firm commitment and do something about it. No one can stop you from getting that fabulously looking body and good health except yourself! Yes, you, by doing nothing except wishful thinking!

When you are armed with the information from this website and if you take action and apply them with a firm determination to succeed, I promise you that you will get that magnificent physique you have always wanted very quickly! I have done my part in providing you with the information that works, now it is your turn to apply them!

So, are you committed enough to be the proud owner of a lovely and desirable body? What is your answer? If your answer is a resounding "Yes!", then let's get started now!

How to lose bodyweight and get bigger well defined muscles - Be a handsome muscular hunk or beach babe now!

The following are the resources I make use of to train my clients successfully with amazing results. Now you do not need to hire expensive fitness personal trainers like myself to help you to lose weight or build a well toned muscular body. You can now be your own body sculptor with these excellent health and fitness programs. Are you ready to begin? Okay, let's get started!

Cheat Your Way Thin - Learn how to trick your body to burn fat naturally while you enjoy your favorite food by Women's Fitness Expert Panel and Men's Fitness Training Advisory Team, Joel Marion, NSCA - CPT.

Get A Sexy Bikini Model's Body - How to lose weight, tone your muscles and transform your body to get an irresistibly attractive female fitness model body by award winning international award winning fitness model Jennifer Nicole Lee.

Build Big Powerful Muscles - By Sean Nalewanyj. Learn how to develop big defined muscles that commands respect from the #1 muscle building program on the internet as seen in The New York Times endorsed by top experts in the bodybuilding world. Big Muscle Gain Truth Revealed! This bodybuilding program has transformed thousands of people worldwide from frail weaklings to handsome muscle studs.

Burn Fat Retain Muscles - By Tom Venuto, the creator of internationally acclaimed "Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle" natural weight loss system. Since you will lose some muscle mass when shedding body fat, this program teaches you how to lose weight healthily and yet retain your hard won muscles.

Loss of muscle mass is one of the main reason why people gain back their body fats after losing weight because of low metabolism. So if you want to maintain a consistently high metabolism, you have to retain your muscles when losing weight. This is to ensure that you lose only fat and not muscle weight. Muscle retention is the key to permanent weight loss.

If shedding unwanted body fat to show off your well defined muscles is your goal, then Tom's Burn The Fat Feed Your Muscles is your solution!

Get Ripped 6 Pack Abs - By abs muscle expert Mike Geary. You do want to get that coveted well defined washboard 6 pack abs don't you? Then Mike Geary is the guy for you.

This abdominal muscles expert trainer will show you how to get rip the fats off your belly and to show off your 6 pack stomach muscles in the shortest possible time. This system is ranked as #1 abs building program on the internet by Clickbank.

Asian male abs muscles img
Asian Male Fitness Supermodel
Get 6 Pack Abs Here!

Get A Swimmer's Body - The original and fastest way to get a swimmer's body - Guaranteed! This man's only program is designed by some of the biggest names in the sports and swimming fraternity. Now you can get an international swimmer's magnificent lean well toned muscular physique to become a beach hunk!

Shortest Workout - By Jon Benson who is the creator of the world famous Fit Over Forty for babyboomers
No time to workout? Who are you kidding because Jon has the answer for you! He will show you the fastest way to build muscles in his 7 Minute Workout Program. No kidding, you only workout 7 minutes a day.

Jon's work is touted as the fastest workout system in the world. With this quick exercise program, you now have no excuse that you can't find time to workout. Whoever said you have to workout hours after hours in the gym to get a nice body have definitely not heard of this shortest exercise workout program in the world!

Build Big Chest Muscles - By Lee Hayward, another renowned bodybuilding coach shows you how to get massive and big chest muscles. The heavier weight you can bench press, the bigger your chest muscles, shoulder muscles biceps and triceps will grow. Watch your pectorals (pecs) explode with this extraordinary huge chest muscle training system!

So you see, with so many respected experts offering various slimming, weight loss, gain muscles and bodybuilding programs to help you to sculpt an attractive and desirable body, you can now be your own body sculptor and sculpt your body to the shape that you desire.

lose stomach fat model image
Tom Venuto
Creator of the best seller Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle System!

Common weight loss and gaining lean muscles (bodybuilding) questions

In this section, I want to address some common questions, myths and misconceptions about getting a lean and well toned body. Please do note that these are short answers because some of the questions can only be fully answered with full length articles. You can read them at Free Burn Fat Build Muscles Articles.


How long does it take to build muscles?

How long does it take to build more muscle mass will depend on many factors such as your genetic disposition, your nutrition intake, intensity of the exercises you do and what type of exercises you do. The following article touches on the genetic factor on how fast it takes to build muscles.

How long does it take to lose weight?

If you on a good diet and exercise program, you should lose about 1 to 2 pounds per week. There are of course methods that can make you lose weight faster than that, but if you losing weight more than 1 to 2 pounds per week, you will probably be losing your precious muscles as well and there could be some other underlying reasons why you are losing weight so rapidly.

If you do not like the idea of running yourself to the ground with cardio exercises, then let your own subconscious mind help you to lose weight with self hypnosis to lose weight loss safely.

How to get rid of tummy fat, flabby arms and thigh fats?

Don't be disappointed to learn that you can't get rid of body fat in specific parts of your body (spot reduction) with diet and workout exercises at this point in time unless you subject yourself to invasive and painful medical procedures such as liposuction. Your fat will come off liberally from all parts of your body depending on your genetic make up.

Therefore a good diet and exercise program not only help you to lose your belly fat and flabby arms, but also fat from other parts of the body as well giving you a slim, slender and well toned body.

I exercise my abs everyday but yet I can't seem to be able to flattened my stomach to develop my abs muscles? How do I get six pack abs?

There could possibly be 2 reasons why your 6 pack abs is not showing. The first being that you may have been overtraining. Your muscles need to recuperate and if you exercise and workout the same muscle everyday, how can it recuperate well and grow?

The second reason is that you may have a layer of fat covering your abdominal muscles. Even if you have the best set of abdominal muscles in the world, with your belly fat covering your abs, your six pack abs will never show.

Therefore, you must get rid of your tummy fat in order to show off your 6 pack abs. Let John Alvino, the abs muscles expert trainer show you

how to get a flat stomach and a sizzling hot defined 6 pack abs

What about weight loss salons? Can these beauty salons help you to lose weight?

Think of it this way. You can visit weight loss salons to help you lose weight and even if you are successful after spending a few thousand dollars, chances are that you will gain all the weight you have lost after your treatment package. This is because they treat your symptom and not the cause and so you have to visit them again and again if you want to keep slim and slender.

In contrast to losing weight in slimming and beauty salons, the programs in this website teach you how to stay slim and sexy with good muscle tone and because you have learnt how to do it, you can do it again for free because you already have the knowledge on how to lose weight successfully.

The slimming salon give you a fish to eat for a meal, burn fat build muscles fast programs teach you how to fish so that you can eat for a life time.

I am a teenager and is interested to start a bodybuilding program. However, I have heard that lifting weight stunts your growth and prevents you from growing taller. Is that true?

Of course it is not true! This is one of the many myths in the bodybuilding and fitness industry that refuse to go away. If lifting weights can stunt your height, then tell me why are there so many bodybuilders and weightlifters who started weight lifting in their early teens like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, David Robinson, Karl Malone, Michael Vick etc who are exceptionally tall?

In fact, many of these tall bodybuilders were winning major bodybuilding titles even before they were 20 years old. So can you imagine how young they started training?

Stunted growth occurs only when the growth plates are damaged upon impact and teenagers are more susceptible to growth plate damage through impact sports like soccer, rugby, football, wrestling and even gymnastic.

How can I turn my fat into muscles?

This is another legendary weight loss myth. Your body fat can't turn into muscle tissue and you muscle can't turn into fat cells. Read this article Can Fat Become Muscle And Muscle Become Fat.

I am on a low fat diet. So does this mean that since I eat less fat calories, I can eat as much protein and carb calories as I like and won't put on weight?

I can guarantee you one thing. You will gain weight and become fat if eat more calories, any calories for that matter, more than what your body burn as energy. These excess calories will be stored as body fat. So if you want to stay lean and slim, you have to watch your calorie consumption.

weight loss older people image
I have been exercising and working out regularly with dumbell side bends and bar bell twists for a long time, but I can't seem to be able to get rid of or reduce my love handles to get a slim waist line. What have I done wrong?

As mentioned earlier, you can't lose fat from specific body part like your waist. When you diet and exercise correctly, you will lose fat from all over your body including getting rid of your love handles.

Do you know that you are actually increasing your waist line by doing exercises such as side bends and waist twisters? Why? This is because you are building muscles under the love handles and the muscles along with your fat covering them will make your waistline bigger. So this is the wrong method to get a slim and slender waist.

The pictures on the left are the before and after image of Jon Benson, the creator of Fit Over Forty and The 7 Minute Workout. The 7 minute workout program is especially tailored for people who can't find time to exercise in order to get the body and health that they want. If it is difficult for you to find time to workout, then this program is made just for you.

How can I get the V shape upper body of a beach hunk or a fitness model stud?

Actually, the V shape physique isn't the most aesthetically ideal body shape. Just imagine someone with a well developed V shaped upper body torso perched on a pair of chopsticks skinny legs jogging along the beach, it is an eyesore isn't it? So the ideal body shape is the X body shape. Your upper body must be developed along with your lower body to get that appealing sexy body look.

Most people think that all you have to do to get the V upper body shape is to work hard on the latisimus dorsi (lats) or some call them the "wings muscles". This is only one part of the upper body development.

To get the perfect V shape illusion, you have to workout your deltoids (delts or shoulder muscles) so that your shoulders look broader, have well developed chest muscles as well as lats so that your upper body looks wider and a slim waist so that the body tapers down thus the illusion of the V shape body is created.

Why is it easier to burn more fat when you have more muscle?

This is because some studies have estimated that for each pound of muscle you gain, you will burn additional 35 yo 50 calories per day. Your muscle is a natural fat burner.

That will mean that if you gain an extra ten pounds of muscles, you will burn extra 350 to 500 calories a day and this translates to burning off an extra pound of fat every 7 to 10 days. So if you want to lose fat easily and naturally, then build more muscle mass.

What is the easiest way to lose weight permanently? Why do people gain back the weight they have lost so quickly?

Losing weight is easy. As long as you eat and consume less calories than what your body burn for energy, you should be able to lose weight gradually. The tricky part is how to prevent yo yo weight loss, so that you can keep out the body fat you have lost from coming back.

Many people want to lose weight fast, so they resort to various fad diets or starvation diets. What they did not know is that when you are on a drastic diet to lose weight quickly, your body's survival instinct kicks in and will soon adapt to the diet you are on. It will then go into a "starvation mode" when it burns muscle for energy instead of body fat. This is because your body is programed to store fat in reaction to the perceived "famine" as a survival instinct.

build bigger arms model image
Is this your beach body?

The weight that you loss from that moment onwards are mostly muscle weight and that means some of the fats you thought you have lost are still there. Now when you have reached your desired weight, because of the your muscle loss, your metabolism slows down.

When your metabolism is slow, your body will burn less calories and thus when you get off the diet you are on, the fats that you have lost will start coming back with a vengeance. Many people even put on more weight than before they started dieting.

So, the key to stay slim and elegant permanently is muscle retention when trying to lose weight. In this way, the fat that you have lost will stay away forever and thus you achieve permanent weight loss.

Is it true that using fancy exercise machines are better than using free weights to gain overall muscle mass?

Both free weights and bodybuilding equipments or machines like the smith machine has its pros and cons. Many fitness articles have been written on this topic, so I will not go into the details. In a nutshell, all experts agree that good old dumbell and barbells are still the best bet for building entire body overall muscle mass
and I agree.

Scientific research has also shown that many exercise workout machines lack the proper eccentric component of an exercise that is necessary to stimulate muscle tissue to remodel or grow to its fullest potential besides many other reasons why free weights are far more superior than machines to gain muscles.

slim slender sexy model image
Jennifer Nicole Lee
International Female Fitness Model

Get a sexy female fitness model body

Should women and men train differently?

There is no difference between the muscle tissue of men and the muscle tissue of women and hence, there is no reason for men and women to train with different workout programs if they are aspiring to achieve the same results.

The only major difference is that men and women have different levels testosterone hormones or commonly referred to as male hormones. This hormone is responsible for the difference in the amount of muscle mass a man can put on and the amount of muscle mass a woman can gain.

Since women have much less testosterone than men, they will find it much more difficult to build muscles. So ladies, do not be afraid to workout with weights!

Is it true that if my muscles are not sore or do not ache the next day after a workout, then my workout the day before was not effective?
If you your muscles feel sore in the days following a workout, that is a good indicator that you have had a good workout. It is just an indicator and is not absolute. However, if your muscles do not ache in the days after a workout has nothing to do with whether or not you had a good workout.

The factor concerning having a good workout is the intensity level. Were your sets done with 100 percent intensity? Did you work your muscles to failure using proper form and technique? Are you making any muscle mass gains? Did you increase the amount of weight you used or did you increase the number of reps with a particular weight from the last workout session?

So need not to be discouraged if you don't feel sore. Just pay attention to your intensity levels. Furthermore, different people have different threshold of pain. I have clients who do not feel sore the days after working out making tremendous muscle gains while others who felt very sore after working out making only normal progression.

I don't want to take protein supplements because my friends said that eating a diet high on protein will damage my kidneys and liver.
I can debunk this age old bodybuilding myth in just one sentence and that is :- If consuming high protein supplements can damage your liver and kidneys, then why aren't all the bodybuilders, weightlifters and wrestlers in the hospitals with liver or kidney damages since all of them are on high protein diets?

Take note of this, if your diet do not have enough protein to feed your muscles, your muscles will not grow! Enough said!

Can hypnosis help me lose weight?

Yes, you can use hypnotism to achieve many things including weight loss or weight gain. In fact, self hypnosis is one of the easiest way to break bad negative habits and create good positive habits. Read What Is Self Hypnosis. You can actually use self hypnosis for weight loss or hypnosis for weight gain from the comforts of your home.

How can I lose weight and build muscles at the same time?
You know something? You are actually gaining weight when you are building muscles because your muscle is heavier than fat and the more muscle mass you gain, the more weight you are putting on.

I assume that you want to lose body fat weight while building muscles at the same time. Yes, you are burning plenty of calories (from fat and glycogen or carbs) when you are training intensively. However, there is a paradox.

To lose fat, you must eat less calories than you burn for energy. On the flip side, to gain muscle mass, you have to eat more calories than you burn, especially protein calories to feed your muscles so that they can grow. They are in conflict with one another.

This is the reason why bodybuilders have a bulking up phase where they pack on slabs of muscles, and then they embark on a cutting phase to burn up the body fat so as to reveal a ripped defined muscular physique.

However, if you still insist that you want to lose fat and build muscles at the same time, then you must be very scientifically precise about it and the best there is to teach you how to lose weight (from body fat) and build muscles at the same time is Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Program.

I want to get a body like those of Olympic swimmers. What must I do to get a swimmer's physique? I am swimming vigorously nearly everyday, but is still a far cry from the muscularly sinewy body of international swimmers.

First of all, international and Olympic swimmers do not get their well proportioned bodyshape by merely swimming for hours every day. Because to be at the top of their sport, they are carefully coached with good nutrition as well as weight training and cardiovascular exercises.

Because everyone only sees the swimmers when they are competing and in the pool, we think that swimmers burn their bodyfat and build their sexy muscular physiques through swimming alone. This is perhaps the biggest misconception. If you want to get the awesome bodyshape like those of Olympic swimmers, then click How To Get Swimmers Body

So have you taken the actions required to get your desired body shape or have decided to stay the same way without doing anything? It's your call.

Oh, you have? Awesome! Wait. Don't thank me yet. Your work has just begun. Now is the time for you to apply all the information that you have to develop the body of your dream.

Please remember to take a before and after pictures of your body transformation and send them to me once you have achieved your weight loss muscle gain goals. There is no obligation of course. Then you may just want to brighten my day by doing so because I am always delighted to see people succeed in gaining great health and achieving a fabulous physique in the process.

Wishing you all the best in getting that attractive and desirable body that you desire the healthy and natural way quickly.

lose weight toned muscles author img
lose fat gain muscles author image
Fitness Personal Trainer Singapore

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