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Why You Fail At Losing Weight

Huh? I want to lose weight and reduce them fast! Who the heck wants to know how to fail at losing weight? I just want to be successful at getting a slender and slim body!

Yo! Now wait a minute! Before you click away, I am sure that you have tried to lose weight before and were not being very successful in getting any slimmer, right? So don't you think it is about time to know why your weight loss efforts were so disappointing? You see, if you knew what went wrong from your previous attempts at reducing weight, then you will not repeat the same mistakes again and get it right this time, isn't it?

Well, you are about to get your answers real quickly and realize that losing weight to get the slim slender body is not so difficult afterall. So off we go.

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How To Lose Weight And Get Sexy Bikini Body!

How To Lose Weight Fast

Now, just think about it for a moment. If you know how and why you failed at losing weight, then you will know how to take the correct action to get that sexy and slim body that you have tried so hard to develop right?

The main reason why you have landed on this page is because you want to succeed at reducing your weight quickly and healthily, but the title screamed just the opposite "How to fail at losing weight".

Well, you will need to know what weight loss mistakes people or even you yourself made so that you won't make those same mistakes and fail at losing weight.....again, don't you agree?

Let me guess. You have tried to lose weight and was unsuccessful or you may get a little success at the beginning and after a while, all the weight you have dropped came right back with a vengeance to haunt you? If my guess is correct, then you may be committing some of the following weight loss mistakes.

Weight Loss Mistakes

So here are some common weight loss mistakes you shouldn't make so that you can become thinner quickly and naturally.

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Burn Fat Retain Muscles
Skipping Meals - This is the most common and the most tragic lose weight mistake one can commit. Yes, you may consume less calories which are supposed to make you grow thinner, but what makes you so sure that when hunger hits you, you will not binge and eat more than usual at your next meal?

The next problem with skipping meals is that when you are hungry from missing a meal, your body will go into the famine mode. This is your body's natural survival instinct. It will slow down your metabolism rate, meaning that you will burn less calories in your natural state.

Furthermore, your body will store fat and burn muscle for energy further slowing down your metabolism and you will also lose your precious muscle tone. These are the reasons why skipping meals is one of the gravest weight loss mistake!

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Skipping Breakfast - I take back my words when I said earlier that skipping meals is the most common weight loss mistake although skipping meals is still a terrible mistake for losing weight. The most common weight loss mistake is skipping breakfast. Are you guilty of that?

You see, when you wake up in the morning, your body has probably been functioning without food for the last 14 hours or so. When you sleep, your body burns very few calories because only your basic bodily function is working such as breathing and heart beating to keep you alive. Your metabolism takes a nose dive when you sleep and when you have a hearty breakfast, you immediately rev up your metabolic rate to begin the day.

Now, when you skip breakfast, your metabolic rate remains low thus compounding the problems explained in skipping meals earlier, is it any wonder that you are not getting any slimmer as desired? So you want to slim down, you must eat your breakfast to eat weight off!

Stationary Bike And Treadmill Mistakes - Are you guilty of reading a book or magazine when you are on the stationary bike? Are you also guilty of watching TV or listening music through your headphone when you are on the treadmill?

Yes, any form of exercise is better than no exercise and although you may burn some calories even when you are reading a book or watching TV when you exercise, it is not enough to lose weight. This is sheer common sense. The more intensive your exercise intensity, the more calories you will burn.

In other words, your cardio exercises must make you puff and pant to be at its most effective state in burning body fat. So if you can read a book or listen to music from your headphone, your exercise intensity level may not be high enough to burn enough body fat for you to lose weight. This is only a simple explanation and there are many scientific reasons to support the high intensity fat burning notion.

Cardio Exercise After Work - Rigorous cardiovascular exercises not only help you to burn excess fat, they also strengthen your heart and lungs and thus are of great importance in reducing potential fatal health risks such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart attacks and numerous other crippling ailments. Since your focus is to reduce body fat, you will also reap the other benefits as when you lose fat, the other health risks are also reduced correspondingly.

So, to get the maximum effect of reducing fat effectively, you should do your cardio exercises first thing in the morning. Of course, you can perform them after work or school since some form of exercisng is better than no exercise. But to get the maximum effect, you should do them first thing in the morning before breakfast.

Here is the reason why. Your body's first preference for energy is carbohydrate. Your body store carbs in the form of glycogen in your muscles and liver to protect you as a form of survival instinct, so that the energy that you need for your daily function need not come from your body parts such as your body fat and God forbid, your muscles.

Now, since the last meal you had which include carbs were consumed 12-14 hours ago, your stored carbs will be almost depleted and thus when you do your cardio exercises in the morning before breakfast, guess what, without your stored glycogen to use as energy, your body will be burning your fat instead. What better way to lose weight than exercising in the morning?

Now, in contrast, if you exercise in the evening after work or after school, you would have consumed carbs for breakfast, lunch and perhaps even dinner. In that case, you will have to burn off those carbohydrates before you start burning away your body fat, wouldn't you?

This is the reason why doctors always say that you have to exercise vigorously for 20 minutes before fat burning kicks in. The first 20 minutes is to burn carbs and then burn fat thereafter! Hey, now you know how to lose weight faster and more effectively.

The above are just some of the many reasons why people fail at losing weight. So if you are one of those who have tried to lose weight unsuccessfully, then you really need to read How To Reduce And Drop Weight Fast Successfully!

Best Wishes

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