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Facts About Hgh Human Growth Hormones

As a health and fitness personal trainer and the owner of this website, some of the most common questions I get are questions regarding human growth hormone supplement products or the use of steroids in building lean muscle mass or to look and feel younger.

First and foremost, I must state that I am all for natural supplements to boost your health and do not recommend the use of artificial growth hormones or synthetic stuff like steroid usage. So in this article, I shall address the question of how to enhance the production of your own natural growth hormone and testosterone to get the fabulous bodyshape, beauty and health that you desire.

Yes, Human Growth Hormones or HGH for short is certainly very effective in helping you lose fat, gain lean muscle mass, stay younger (anti aging) and may even make you grow taller! These are indisputable medical facts and no one can argue with that.

The issue at hand is how to supplement with hgh pills and products safely, most effciently and in an inexpensive way. Incorrect usage of hgh products may be ineffective at best and even dangerous in some cases.

HGH supplementation has taken rather a high profile after it is known that many popular celebrities, entertainers and movie stars such as Sylvester Stallone, Debbie Moore and Roger Clemens are using it to keep in shape and stay looking younger because of its potency to combat the effect of the aging process.

Yes, hgh has been proven to even being able to reverse aging by 10 to 20 years by enhancing your metabolism and boosting your immune system. Read about scientific evidence and research about human growth hormones here.

So what is HGH and why is it so potent that can even reverse your age?

HGH is produced by your pituitary gland in your brain. This hormone stimulates growth and cell production in human beings. The main property of HGH is to increase height in children and the other important benefits are that it increases muscle mass, helps in calcium retention in our body, helps in keeping your bones stronger and healthier, reduces fat in the body, helps in controlling sugar and insulin levels, helps with immunity and several more important functions that keep us healthy when we are young. As we get older, its anti-aging benefits are even more pronounced.

As we age, our natural production of this hormone starts to decrease. This process can start as early as in our late 20s and that is the main reason why we are getting older and weaker as we age.

The level of this hormonal secretion is highest in our early childhood. It peaks during puberty when there are growth spurts. The sad thing is that the levels of this production continue to decline throughout our adult life.

This drop in secretion make us to look older, have problems like diabetes, depression, loss of energy, loss of muscle mass and every other problem associated with the effects of aging. In other words, we are dying slowly as our hgh level decline.

So it isn't surprising that everyone is looking to increase growth hormone levels in our bodies to make ourselves to look young and feel healthy all over again. So have the human kind discovered the fountain of youth through HGH pills, supplements and products?

Can you imagine having your wrinkles disappearing overnight, getting the lean and well toned body of your youth with the mental alertness of a smart college undergrad all over again? Then find out how at Lose Fat Tone Muscles Safe Legal Steroids

Types of Human Growth Hormone Pills, Supplements and Products

There are several options available to introduce human growth hormones into your body with medical supervision. There are the HGH injections, oral sprays and natural supplements that claim to increase the HGH in your body. So let us look at how these delivery system really works.

By Injections HGH injections are very expensive and are out of reach for most people except for the rich and wealthy like the movie stars we mentioned earlier. They are merely synthetic substances injected into your body by a trained medical doctors and are not available over the counter because of its many potentially dangerous side effects just like any artifical synthetic elements that you introduce into your body, for example, steroids.

Oral Sprays Again at the time of writing this article, the effectiveness of HGH / IGF 1 oral spray is still raging in controversies. Human growth hormones, according to some research do not have the capability of passing through the membranes of your mouth while others claimed that the molecules of certain brands are small and permeable enough to do so.

However, with the rapid advancement of science, some companies have now claimed to have developed hgh sprays that can be absorbed by the mucus membrane of your mouth. This could be the reason why hgh spray is still the most popular form of of human growth hormones supplement that people buy.You may like to check this out at Safe and Effective HGH .

Patches - These are slow release patches which release growth hormones permeating your skin into the blood stream and is considered musch safer as it bypass the liver causing less side effects to internal organs

Safe And Effective Human Growth Hormone Products Without Prescription

Natural HGH Releaser Pills And Supplements - This method, in my opinion is the most effective and safest for the majority of us as the supplements are usually made from traditional herbs to help our bodies to increase production of our own Hgh naturally.

Numerous studies have shown that this method is very effective in increasing the levels of HGH produced in our bodies. They are just like vitamins and minerals taken orally and are so effective that that human growth hormones releasers or enhancers are sometimes called legal steroids. So when you intend to buy hgh human growth hormone, do keep this fact in mind.

You need to take them just before going to bed since the production of our natural growth hormones in the pituitary gland is most active when we are sleeping. Only consume brands that use100% natural herbs and minerals with no other synthetic substances.

These herbs activate your pituitary gland and in turn your pituitary gland produces more of your natural HGH. Because of its natural status, there is no prescription needed and have no side effects except all the anti aging benefits you can get with a high level of human growth hormones. Some call these supplement pills as human growth hormones boosters or enhancers for obvious reasons.

Now that we know that the best option to grow younger is to enhance and boost our own HGH production, how do we go about it since there are so many brands of growth hormones enhancers in the market? How can we even know if what we are being given is a natural herbal supplement or a synthetic supplement cloaking as herbal pills?

Here is where I can help you because it is part of my profession to advise clients on these matters and of course I have to do some very thorough research on this. After looking at so many growth hormones releaser brands and even tested some of them on myself, I have come to the conclusion that out of all the brands, GHR1000 is my favourite or if I just want a testosterone boost (male hormones) to build bigger muscles, then I may also consider supplementing with Testosterone RX.

Besides having checked the quality of GHR1000, this GH Releaser is produced in a lab that is certified by FDA. So buy your supplements and products safely.

Although, I am completely impressed how these supplement pills can make me look good and feel young again, the cost is a bit on the high side. But then again, to look and feel young again is certainly priceless to begin with, don't you think so?

Therefore instead of spending a fortune on expensive hairdos and beauty creams to look better artifically, why not improve your health and beauty naturally with hgh booster products to make you look and feel younger again naturally! Isn't this a better option to lose weight, gain muscle tone, have great hair and skin and sheer vibrant health?

Ok, enough said, check out for yourself how you can grow and feel younger naturally and safely at Growth Hormones Hgh Pills and Testosterone Supplement.


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