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How To Become An Alpha Male

What is an alpha male? Why are beautiful girls attracted to alpha males? Read this article and start dripping with irresistible sex appeal.

You see, an alpha male is a man who is assertive, confident, dominant and is pretty well assured of himself. On the other hand, a beta male is the complete opposite from an alpha male.

The simple reason being that the beta male usually follows the lead of an alpha male and is less confident and less assured of himself. So if you want to be more influential and be more successful with girls, you have to become an alpha male.

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Alpha male oozing sex appeal

The problem is that many more guys in the world belong to the beta male category and that is why the alpha males are having all the beautiful girls attracted to them and are also high up in the area of financial success. The "beta" guys are just the average Joes.

I am sure you probably would know what an alpha male is and you may even have read books or attended seminars that are supposed to teach you the secrets to becoming an alpha male. So why be a beta male when you can be an alpha male and aquire financial success as well as the beautiful chicks?

However, most books and seminars often did not tell you about beta males and so you won't have a complete picture of what an alpha male is if you do not know what beta males are, isn't it? So this article is written to address some of the omissions.

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Get Adonis Bodyshape

Why Are Women Attracted To Alpha Males?

Unlike men who are primarily attracted to women by sight, girls are attracted to several things in a guy. Money (ability to bring dinner to the table), confidence, witty, intelligence, some fame and yes, looks too.

So if you have the Adonis Body Shape, then you are already one notch up against the beta males becuase you will be very sexually appealing to the ladies!

So you can see, women are mainly attracted by personality and not just looks. According to a research, personality ranks number one in the most attractive trait that women look for in a man.

If you let a woman to choose between money and personality, most women would go for personality instinctively. This personality is just not any personality but the assertive alpha male personality.

Now, donít be mistaken. Your look and bodyshape is also part of the personality girls are looking for. If you are overweight, you may be perceived as lazy and gluttonous. If you are skinny, then you may be categorized as being unable to give her security.

Therefore if you are thin and scrawny, then go and lift weights and gain muscular weight and if you are obese, then start losing weight because it has been conclusively proven that most women are attracted to the Adonis BodyShape.

Most men erroneously think that the dating game is all about pick up lines. If you are one of them, open your eyes and see alpha males in action, they donít even bother using pick up lines and yet they are oosing with sex appeal.

Alpha males use an even more powerful tool to attract attractive women instantly and sometimes, they donít even know it. This very powerful tool is body language. They use their postures, poise, mannerisms, hand movements, eye contactsÖ.etc to send out powerful attractive signals such as confidence, security and romance.

The confident alpha males know that words, such as pick up lines account for only about 8 percent of sexual attraction. The rest of the 92 percent is the making up of both body language and the tone of your voice.†

The world of dating is made up of the external and the inner game. Therefore to become an adept and assertive alpha male, you need to first master your inner game. This is because your inner game would eventually have a direct effect on your outer game. That is why alpha males not only get the girls with their charming sex appeal, they are also high flyers and are successful in their careers.

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