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So You Dare To Learn Muay Thai Kickboxing In Singapore?

Think AGAIN!

Muay Thai Boxers
Muay Thai ring fight in Lumpini Muay Thai competition Stadium, Bangkok

Fancy that you are about to... "Get Into the Best Shape of Your Life While Mastering One of the Most Devastating Martial Arts on Planet Earth!"

Learn how Muay Thai Training will make you Super Fit, Formidable, Admirable and the Centre Of Attraction as the ultimate fighting machine!

Muay Thai Coaches and Personal Instructors In Singapore

Dear Friend,

Are you hiding in the dark, feeling hopeless and frustrated because you are seriously out of shape and wishing you are more confident in handling an attacker or is boxing in front of adulating Muay Thai fans? Millions of people like you dream to be fit, strutting around with their awesome six-pack abs and able to defend themselves and their loved ones in real life self defence situations, don't you agree?

My team of experienced instructors at Muay Thai Training In Singapore can help you make this dream come true. If this is what you're looking for, I have several training packages to cater to students of different shape and sizes, male or female, differing fitness level and toughen you up as a fearsome kickboxer and get you into a fantastic bodyshape as well. How does that sound?

Muay Thai Trainer img
Sean Lee - Chief coach at SgFitness Muay Thai training school

My name is Sean Lee, chief instructor at Sg Fitness Muay Thai Training & Martial Arts Centre Singapore. I am a professional instructor with a black belt in Tae Kwan Do, and a practitioner of the Chinese Martial Art – ‘Wing Chun’. As for Muay Thai, I am very privileged to be trained in Thailand’s renowned Muay Thai boxing gym – KhaoSai Galaxy, under former-World Champion Kick Boxer – Master Sumlarnsuk Muang.

I also have a degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the EDITH COWAN UNIVERSITY, Australia. With all these combined knowledge, my training programs use the shortest time to get you the fittest body and becoming a good Muay Thai Boxer.


In case you didn't know, long before mixed martial arts and the UFC competitions, Muay Thai fighters had been known to be the most fearsome "kick-ass" strikers of Asia. Nowadays, fighters like Buakaw, Masato, Wanderlei Silva, Mirko "Cro Cop", Anderson Silva, and others have been terrorizing their opponents with superior Thai boxing skills.

The fact is, when it comes to striking power, Muay Thai is perhaps the most formidable martial art in the world. That being understood, you should be able to understand why the fighting techniques are so powerful that professional mixed martial arts fighters all over the world are scrambling to master this Thai traditional martial art form.

These professional fighters are training in Muay Thai because it WORKS. The fact is that if you don’t know these techniques, your fighting ability is still not at the upper echelon of professional fighters. If you are serious about your fighting ability, YOU NEED TO LEARN THIS ANCIENT FIGHTING MARTIAL ART.

What most people may not realize is that the training is also one of the best exercise workout you can do. Ever imagine how it feels like to have fantastic fitness level, confidence, power, security and respect that comes from practicing Muay Thai - the martial art that is rapidly becoming recognized as one of the best fighting system in the world?

As a lifelong combat athlete and martial artist, I have been fortunate enough to be involved in Muay Thai for over 16 years - long before it was cool and popular around the world. I've been training, competing in professional fights competitions in Thailand and teaching this martial art since 1997 and have spent years TRAINING, COLLECTING, and COMPILING some of the best Thai boxing drills and techniques combined with SPORTS SCIENCE that only allow me to be a good Muay Thai kickboxing personal trainer that I can be.

I've trained hundreds of students exactly the best ways to develop powerful punches, thundering kicks, gut wrenching knees and wicked elbows strikes while at the same time getting into the best body shape and physical fitness of their lives. Now, You Can Learn the Complete System Through My Special Personalise Courses. Yep that's right. Now you can learn, step by step, one on one, the entire art of Muay Thai kickboxing with me or with any of my experienced competent instructors.

My team of instructors and coaches do not train students in classes as your training will be diluted. We believe in one-on-one personalised training lessons with full concentration and transform you into one of the most fearsome Muay Thai exponent in Singapore!

If you want to become an awesome Muay Thai Fighter, use the box at the bottom of the page to CONTACT US now!

Singapore Muay Thai Personal Trainers and Instructors

muay thai high kick demonstration img
Sean Lee - Head Muay Thai trainer in high kick demo.

Thai boxing teacher singapore img
James "Bruiser" Chong

Singapore boxing coach img
Steven "Lightning" Ong

singapore kickboxing trainer img
Stan "The Rock" Tan

Where to Learn Muay Thai In Singapore

You can turn your own backyard, garden and parks, garage, condo gym or living room into your own personal Muay Thai gym, because I have a team of dedicated experienced professional trainers that will be at your doorstep or wherever you are to train with you personally right here in Singapore. Alternatively you can come to our Headquarter studio gym at Upper Bukit Timah Road or our branch gyms at Hougang and Clarke Quay.

This course will literally blow you away with the amount of information my team and I will be teaching you. My training schedules are packed with tons of easy to learn instructions that will not only show you step by step exactly what you need to do to develop a steelwall defense, tremendous punches, crippling kicks but also other cool stuff that will give you power, confidence, and respect from others.

My scientific training methods and lessons guarantee MINIMUM TIME WASTAGE and POWER PACKED EFFECTIVENESS at every session when you are with us in training. These are the same techniques and drills that I teach my students in Thailand, and it’s the exact same stuff I personally have been doing for years and still do all the time.

Beginners welcome! No prior martial arts experience is necessary. My training methodology is set up so that ANYONE can UNDERSTAND and FOLLOW the killer moves. This is REAL MUAY THAI Training. Not Some Cheap "Cardio-Kickboxing" Aerobics Imitation"! We literally take you from a brand new beginner and give you everything you need to hone your body into a lean mean fighting machine.

Muay Thai Training Has The Power To Change Your Life! Through the power of these training lessons, you will learn how to overcome your fears, smash through the barriers that are holding you back, and take charge of your life. No more boring and traditional exercises, long tedious hours of skipping, push-ups and endless punching of sandbags.

Personally I can't stand treadmills, elliptical machines, stair-stepping machines, and other dull, dreary, lackluster contraptions. To tell you the truth, I don't even like jogging.

ALL of these exercises are downright dull, unexciting and tedious. Not only that, these "cardio routines" build no muscle at all but at its best will leave you with a skinny but flabby look. I mean, when was the last time you heard of someone envying the body of a marathon runner?

Can you magine the excitement you can proudly tell them about how you have lost inches off your waist while developing a new bone shattering power in your Muay Thai punch! Now THAT is something cool to talk about, isn't it?

My specialised custom made training sessions will Give you a Lean and Mean Body with Combat Defense Skills to Back it Up! All in all, you won't find a workout that is as comprehensive and effective as Muay Thai workout training sessions.

These workouts are fun and never boring. Best of all, THIS KIND OF TRAINING WILL GET YOU INTO TIP TOP SHAPE FAST! Man or woman - experienced or beginner - it does not matter. You will love the results. There's just something EMPOWERING about knowing you have the ability to protect yourself if the need arises.

Just stop and think about all the very cool benefits that you will get from training with my training program.

Your Benefits In Learning Muay Thai Kickboxing

  • SELF - DEFENSE skills

  • Excel in SPEED and POWER








These are just some of the many excellent benefits that comes from taking my one-on-one personal training courses and lessons. Whether you are a man or woman, it doesn't matter for I can literally build a new YOU! Need proof? Here are just a few of the TRUE TESTIMONIALS from our satisfied clients:

Singapore Muay Thai Testimonials

  Singapore kickboxer image
Leonard Tan
The training sessions provide so many benefits, it's hard to choose only a couple to talk about. The fitness component alone is so incredible. You will be so hard pressed to burn as many calories elsewhere in an hour and I guarantee it won't be as much fun.

I also developed lean muscle mass and better flexibility. In addition, unlike other "kickboxing" classes that choose only to focus on fitness, Sean and his team of instructors is teaching you effective techniques and strategy for self defense or competition. Sean is incredibly knowledgeable and patient. He delivers results that show!
female muay thai trainer
Elaine Chia (Director of Mindchamps Preschool)

Sean and his personal trainers and instructors offers a practical way to develop devastating Muay Thai technique. They are able to take the techniques and guidance of Muay Thai masters and format this information into a training system that generates amazing results!

I used to be rather shy, but through this training, I have gained alot of confidence and my body is now stronger, firmer and very well toned. Excellent work, Sean!

kickboxer singapore img
Ship Broker Maersk Shipping Company
Training with Sg Fitness Muay Thai coaches was a blast and Sean's enthusiasm was infectious! From a physical standpoint, I found Muay Thai to be an incredible cardio workout. It was also physically demanding, especially for those of us that are over 40. I used muscles that I didn't know I had!

We all know how kickboxing has become a mainstream cardio workout, and this course is everything it is hyped up to be. Anyway, the training sessions has instilled a new found confidence in every aspect of my life. I've been able to meet tough situations head on in a calm and controlled manner.

From my personal relationships to my work relationships, martial arts has given me increased self esteem, an ability to voice my opinion and more confidence to stand up for what I believe in. In addition, because of the enjoyment of training, I've become a much happier person! 

Learn Muay Thai Fees and Packages

Join Us Today! Forget about the Big Commercialized Gym Gyms and schools although they have their own advantages - but convenience, along with saving petrol, money, and time are the advantages of training at your doorstep. We come to you and best of all - you can TRAIN WHENEVER AND WHEREVER YOU WANT WITH US.

You can really see your fighting skills transform by learning from this ultra comprehensive Muay Thai course! Regardless of your previous level of training, you can learn how to hit hard, kick fast and drop bad guys in their tracks. The Complete Muay Thai Personal Training Course is a “SEE RESULTS IN 10 SESSIONS” Scheme! THIS COURSE TAKES YOU BY THE HAND AND EXPLAINS EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!

One-on-one Training by Chief Instructor Sean Lee Personally
  • 10 session package - S$100 per hourly session

  • 20 session package - S$100 per hourly session and you get 2 free sessions

  • 30 session package - S$100 per hourly session and you get 4 free sessions

  • Other instructors - S$80 per hourly session with the same free sessions as above packages.

So what are you waiting for? Be A Formidable Muay Thai Fighter Today.

Use the box below to contact us now!

Contact Us Now - Muay Thai Singapore
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