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Testosterone To Grow Muscle

How Do Testosterone Make Your Muscles Bigger?

One of the most common words you hear about in the bodybuilding fraternity is Testosterone. This hormone is commonly referred to as the key to building bigger muscles quickly.


Besides being able to enable rapid muscle development, many older men even considered it as a fountain of youth as it restores sexual stamina in men. What is this hormone that men rave so much about? Let’s find out then.



What Is Testosterone And What Does It Do

Testosterone is the main male hormone and it belongs to a class of steroids called androgens. This hormone is mainly produced primarily in the testicles.

The hormone is very important because it plays a role in almost everything from the growth and maintenance of the male sexual organs, bone growth, male sexual stamina, male fertility, muscle growth, the appearance of male sexual characteristics such as facial hair, body hair, and deeper male voice. That is why testosterone is also commonly referred to as the male hormone.


It is conclusive that resistance exercises such as weight lifting can raise testosterone levels in your body and muscles need the hormone to grow and develop because testosterone can turn on your genetic code to grow bigger and stronger muscles.


How Does Testosterone Make Your Muscle Grow

Testosterones encourage muscle growth by binding to the receptors inside your muscle cells. The affected receptors then transport the hormonal molecules to the nucleus where your DNA is found. Encoded in your DNA are the blue prints for every protein found in your body.

The receptor, once bound to the testosterone becomes a messenger that tells the DNA which proteins to make more of from the blue prints. The entire process results in the production of contractile proteins which make your muscle contract more powerfully and the structural proteins are used to make your muscle cells bigger in order to accommodate the new contractile proteins. In other words, testosterone is a signal that commands your muscles to grow bigger and faster!


The only problem is that as we get older, our body’s production of the hormone tends to fall in tandem and that is why, to older men, testosterone is regarded as a symbol of youth and vitality. Some of the signs of lower level of testosterone are the decrease in muscle mass and strength, lowering of sexual stamina or even impotency.


A low level of testosterone is called andropause and through testosterone replacement therapy, many patients express a sense of psychological well being and even sexual vitality. The problem is that testosterone replacement therapy is expensive and can come with some negative side effects and must be administered by a trained doctor.


So other methods to raise the level of testosterone should be tried out first before opting for testosterone replacement therapy. One way is to have a regular weight resistance training program to make your muscles bigger and if that is not enough to raise your testosterone to your desirable level, then there are over the counter supplements designed to encourage your body to produce more of your natural hormone. You can take a look at one of these supplements at Produce Natural Testosterone.

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