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Attractive Male Body

Do You Have A Sexy Body That Women Love?

If you are like most men, you will be interested to know which part of your body is the most attractive to women. Don't be naughty, we are not talking about your reproductive muscle down there under your pants.

Random samplings of some surveys conducted seem to indicate that men with the following bodily features are great turn ons as far as most women are concerned:-

Broad shoulders – A vast majority of women put broad wide shoulders as a big turned on. Girls like men with well defined broad shoulders because instinctively to them, this type of men means strength and masculinity. One girl commented in the survey, "Running my fingers across his broad lean shoulders excites me immeasurably. That is the reason why I love giving my boyfriend massages on his shoulders."

Well, what do you say to that, eh? So guys, don’t you think it is time to get into the gym and pump your shoulders up with pushups, bench presses and military presses?

Broad chiseled chest - Don’t we all like a nice pair of sexy feminine breast? Well, women too love that part of the male anatomy if it is firm and broad. In fact many women in those surveys actually said that when they see a man with a broad masculine chest, they usually visualize what is hidden under his shirt. So if you want to own a broad chest, then read how to build powerful chest muscle.

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Strong biceps - Strong well-shaped biceps are next when it comes to the male body parts that girls are turned on with. Somehow, most of us men knew that already, didn’t we? That is why you find droves of men doing bicep curls in the gyms, right?

Just like with the chest, women are thrilled when they are able to get a hint of a man's well developed biceps when he wears a T-shirt and they can see the beginning of the rippling biceps muscle.  

Sexy luscious lips – Yup, you read that correctly. It is confirmed that guys are not the only ones who gets excited over Angelina Jolie lips. Women too like men with full luscious lips not only for their aesthetic appeal, but also for more intimate things those sexy lips can do when in bed as well.


Small hips – So overweight guys with flabby love handles are out in this department. If you are flabby, it is time to get rid of your excess fat. Besides, a smaller waistline also gives the illusion of having wide shoulders and a broad chest. It is the total package that turns a woman on.

Six pack abs – It is a little surprising having a sexy six pack abs come after all the above. But it still made the list of male body parts women adore. Come on, which women will excitedly jump into bed with guys jiggling with bulging beer bellies?

Bubble perky butt – Most of the women asked admitted that they are attracted to butts which athletic guys usually possess. You know, kind of like the one Brad Pitt owns. So how often have you been working out your butt (pun not intended) in the gym with squats and deadlifts? If not, don’t you think it is time to start since you now know that a shapely round butt is amongst parts of a male body which turns women on? So click to read how to get a perky butt.

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