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What Male Body Types Are Girls Attracted To?

Have you ever had women glancing at you as if you are oozing with sex appeal? Have you ever observed that some men are so full of charm and charisma that when they walked into a room, everyone, especially the girls would turn and smile at him as if he had set off electrfying fireworks before he made his grand entrance? Is it any surprise at all that these attractive alpha males are always very self confident and are in fabulous physical shape?

If you do want to become popular and attractive with women or anyone for that matter, this article will show you how these irresistible men use their bodies as the perfect body language to get what they want from life and be a girl magnet.

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Of course, these men also use their honed to perfection seduction and flirting skills (sometimes they don't even know it) to have such captivating charisma. However, since this is more of physical fitness article, we will leave the mental and psychological parts to other articles.

I am going to be brutally frank here. Some of you may already know this. All of us say that we go to the gym for a good workout for the sake of good health, right? But deep down inside, you do know that your main motivation is to look good and attractive. Having good health comes as a bonus.

Gotcha, didn't I? Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. It is perfectly sound too, so do not blush.

Where physical attributes are concerned, most men are bench pressing away thinking that having big chest or pectoral muscles popping buttons out of our shirts are what girls like because having a wide big chest is a symbol of confidence and women instinctively can feel a sense of protection with these men, right? What about having muscular arms or a wide chiselled V shaped back?

Well, to some degree, they are not wrong. However, according to scientific research, these big muscular body types are not what most girls are attracted to. In fact, some girls are repulsed by the bodybuilder or wrestling superstar physiques! So what is the perfect male body that make girls googoo gaga over?

Yes, I know, girls are attracted by many other attributes besides looks, but can you argue that the first contact with you or with anyone is through sight? The girls have to look at your physical face and body first before they can make conversations or are even interested in talking with you?

The first glance over will have already leave an impression in her of what type of person you are and whether she is keen with you. This instant assumption is know as the Value Attribution and once the value attribution about you is formed in her mind, it will be very difficult to change them. So, you must be physically attractive first before being emotionally and psychologically attractive to be successful with beautiful girls.

According to researchers, the perfect man's body that girls are attracted to is a male physique that measure well with The Adonis Index. This index is a research proven matrix for men to have the most physically attractive body that is visually pleasant to the opposite sex.

Numerous studies have shown that male bodies with the Adonis attributes get much more attraction from women and admiration from other men, sometimes even garnering envy and jealousy from their male counterparts too. The Adonis effect is a rigorous science and not some backyard philosophy propagated by so many seduction and attraction marketing propaganda.

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Do you have the perfect male body that women like and love?

The Adonis Index, as featured in MSN Health And Fitness, Men's Health and Runner's World, is the classic proportion physique that make girls swoon. Think of the Olympic swimmers and you will get a close resemblance of a proportionate Adonis body.

In order to build the perfect male physique that is so attractive to women, you have to know the dimensions and measurements of the Adonis Effect. Fortunately, the magic formula has always been here for all to see. The formula is called "The Golden Ratio", that is a dividend of two measurements that is roughly equal to 1.618. Calculate Your Adonis Effect Here!

The golden ratio and its influence can be seen in the spirals of the pinecone, seashell or in the human form, Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man and Michelangelo's David. In fact, whether you are looking at nature or art, you will find this ideal proportion turning up everywhere.

Therefore it is no surprise that girls love and get attracted to males whose body shape measures up to the golden ratio. Even the Archives Of Sexual Behavior study reveal that women are most attracted to somewhat muscular men whose shoulders are 1.6 times the size of their waists.

So if anyobne of you is a gym rat trying to get that big muscular chest or biceps, it may not be what is attractive to girls or what women want in a man's body. Therefore, work into your training program with the Adonis Effect in mind.

If you have yet to discover the golden ratio your body type is, click this link for a Free Calculation and then be on your way to get the attractively perfect male model body shape that girls love to cuddle up to. Yes, be a women magnet today.

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