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Looking for good and experienced gym instructors and personal trainers in Singapore?


mr singapore 6 pack abs picture

"I trained with Singapore Fitness Personal Trainers' "Burn Fat Build Muscles Fast" system to prepare for the national male Pageant Mister Singapore 2006. I managed to lose 6kg (about 14 pounds)of body fat weight within weeks in time to show off my six pack abs for the swimwear section of the contest.

Working out with Chris Chew from Singapore Personal Trainer Organisation, I built a muscularly well toned body and cut a slender waistline to win the competition." - Dennis Lau - Fitness Model, Engineer


Fitness Personal Trainers In Singapore - Lose weight and gain muscle mass fast!

Looking for a qualified, knowledgeable and experienced fitness personal trainer in Singapore? A professional fitness instructor who is not only a great teacher but who is also able to motivate you to achieve the health and fitness goals that you have always been aspiring to achieve?

Are you sick and tired with your present body shape? Frustrated that you have been working out at the gym very often but with barely any tangible results? Perhaps, you are struggling to lose weight because you are obese or to gain lean hard muscle mass weight because you are thin and skinny? You have tried all the slimming pills, starvation fad diets, salon treatments and yet achieve no or unsatisfactory results?

Singapore Fitness Personal Trainers (Sg PT) have your weight loss, weight gain and build muscles solutions. Whatever your health and fitness goals are, whether to lose fat fast if you are obese, gain muscle weight quickly because you are skinny and thin or to build and grow big muscles fast, Singapore Fitness professional personal trainers and gym instructors will get you to your goals quickly, naturally and healthily. That is a promise!

singapore personal trainer Chris img
Top 5 Mister International 2010 finalists posing with judges (seated). Sgfitness is the Official Fitness Consultant for this international event. Chris Chew, Master Trainer of Sgfitness is seated on the extreme right.
Dear Fitness Enthusiasts,

My name is Chris Chew. You may have probably read about my "Burn Fat Build Muscles Fast" training system or may have read my books "Burn Fat Fast" and "Build Muscles Fast". Singapore Fitness now offers you another alternative to burn away ugly body fat and tone up your body beautifully.

Now you can be a handsome hunk or for the ladies, having those sexy hot curves and own a beach body shape which others can only dream about.

The bodies of fitness models that you see on health and fitness magazines can be yours right now. That is of course, if you take action to get that bodyshape that you have always wanted to have. Are you ready to make that commitment or you would rather stay in the same shape that you are now?

If you are residing in Singapore, you now have the opportunity to train with my team of experienced and well qualified fitness personal trainers to get your desired attractive bodyshape and great health and have fun working out!


female personal trainer img

Get a swimwear bikini model's body 

Free Health and Fitness Consultation

Singapore Fitness team of professionally qualified professional personal trainers can help you achieve the lean well toned body shape you have always aspire but found it difficult to achieve. Our PTs recognize that everyone have different goals and objectives. No two individuals are alike.

That is why before we take on an assignment, our trainers will meet you for a free consultation to assess your present health/ fitness condition and to discuss your goals. Your personal trainer will then plan your diet and exercise program to reach your desired objectives in the fastest and healthiest way. You do want quick and fast results don't you?

You can ask any questions you want during this free consultation and at the same time, you will be able to assess the instructor's abilities and capabilities first hand. Our experienced trainers are internationally certified and have proven track records in helping many people achieve their health / fitness goals and developing beautiful well toned muscular beach bodies.  

Workout with Singapore Fitness (Sg Fitness) to :-

  • Build muscles fast - See your muscles grow bigger and bigger week after week. Watch your tapered lats, rock hard shoulder muscles (deltoids) and massive chest (pectorals) developing into a handsome "V" shaped upper body. For folks who are naturally thin and skinny (hardgainers), you can now look forward to gain handsome muscular weight.

  • Get a well toned and defined body - Toned and well defined muscles exudes confidence and attraction. Get a flat stomach with that coveted defined 6 pack washboard abdominal muscles ( 6 pack abs). You can now own an attractive and desirable body complete with beautifully defined abs.


weight loss workout model
How do you like to be called a Fat Nerd? Neither did I, but that was my nickname until I started training with Sgfitness to get rid of my excess bodyfat and to build a handsome muscular body - Bryan Lim
Singapore personal trainer
Nobody Dares to call be a Fat Nerd now even if I dare them to do so. All the effort working out in the gym with Sgfitness certainly paid off. I am brimming with self esteem and full of positive confidence - Bryan Lim

  • Get rid of beer belly fat, cut away love handles, trim bulky thighs, firm saggy chest and tone flabby arms - Say goodbye bulging belly fat, bulky butt and flabby thighs. No more ugly love handles, big tummy and droopy chest. Own a slim, trim and slender waistline with muscular arms. Develop defined muscularly toned lower body and strong legs to give you the super hero "X" shape body frame. Yes, you will lose ugly unwanted fat fast. So start to lose weight now!

  • Overall fitness, strength and body development - Strength development to prevent osteoporosis and at the same time, enjoy your life because day to day chores and activities will be so much more easier when you are strong and healthy. Put a healthy glow on your face.

  • Getting ready for Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) - You won't be the butt of jokes anymore by your army mates when you start to show how fit and healthy you are. Those who laughed at you before will be looking at your new found fitness and sexy body in awe since you now own a muscular body that commands respect.

  • Strengthen your heart and lungs to improve your cardiovascular system, stamina and endurance - Add years to your life! Prevent sedentary and fat related diseases by having strong heart and lungs. Obesity related killer diseases such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, stroke and other diseases can be prevented when you have good cardiovascular health.

  • Get a slender and trim waistline fast - At last, you can now own a slim trim slender waistline which you have always been yearning for. Just like the slim waist of models you see on TV and magazines. A word of warning if you want to lose weight fast, with your new slim and slender waistline, you may have to change your complete wardrobe, but that is a happy problem isn't it?

  • Special training for thin people who find it hard to gain weight to pack on pounds of muscle mass weight - Whoever said that thin and skinny folks cannot gain weight? Why should you be a victim of your genetic predisposition? Those critics certainly don't know what they are talking about. Not only will Singapore Fitness personal trainers help you to pack on kilos and pounds to your skinny body frame, your trainer will also bulk you up with lean hard muscles instead of fats. Your days of being skinny and thin are about to be over, if you take the effort to contact us now!

    Don't believe me? Look at the pictures below!


thin/skinny gain weight img
I have always been thin and skinny since I was a kid and was the butt of cruel jokes. Those were the most embarrasing years of my life.

That was
until I started training with SgFitness to beef up for Mister Singapore 2006 and Manhunt 2007 national male pageant contests -Gordon Tan

gain muscle mass weight img

Gordon Tan - Mister Singapore 2007 1st runner up and Manhunt titleholder 2008.

Gordon is now fitness model and a professional gym instructor/personal trainer with Singapore Fitness.


  • Develop sexy perky bubble butt - Having a problem with big flabby butt? Or you simply just want your butt to look perkier and sexier? Well, after training with Singapore Fitness, you will be proud to be seen in your bikini or swim trunk and show off that sexy perky bubble butt by the pool or the beach. You don't own any tight fitting butt hugging jeans? Go get one now!

  • Training workout program for all ages and gender - Singapore Fitness has develop workout programs regardless of age or gender. You are never too young or too old to exercise. The idea is to do the correct exercises for your age. Women need not fear building big muscles because girls do not have enough testosterones (male hormones) to get big muscles unless supplemented by hormones enhancing supplements. So girls will get sexily toned and attractive bodies instead of getting bulky muscles.


six pack abs img

I am very honoured to have won The Best Body Award and being crowned Mister International 2010 out of 40 contestants from various countries all over the world.

I am also very grateful to the pageant's Official Fitness Consultant for developing such a comprehensive body sculpting training programme for all the constestants. Sgfitness, your training programme rocks!!

 Ryan Terry
Mister Great Britain
Mister International 2010

Contact Singapore Personal Trainers now for your free consultation. Remember to leave your number and location convenient for you to train in.

Where and which gym do I train in?

Any gym in Singapore that is convenient to you. Our fitness and health professionals will go to any gym of your choice in Singapore that allow non in house gym instructors, such as any Singapore Sports Council Gyms, Community Clubs, ClubFitt gyms, private clubs and condominium gyms or even your own home if you have gym equipment. You don't need to join any expensive gym membership to get the professional services of Singapore Personal Trainers.

personal training results guaranteed

Results Guaranteed! Contact Us now for your free consultation. Remember to leave your number and location convenient for you to train in.

How do I enroll? I have more questions, who do I contact?

All you need to do is just leave your number and the location convenient for you to train in and one of our personal trainers will call you for your free health assesment and free consultation. Don't get left behind. If you can't wait to own an attractive and desirable body now, just click Singapore Fitness Personal Trainers to contact us.

Yours Sincerely,

personal trainer singapore img
Chris Chew

SG Fitness Master Trainer

Singapore Personal Trainers picture gallery :-

Singapore personal trainer PT image
Phillip Phoon
Sunday Times Hotbod and
Fitness Calendar Model 2008
Master Trainer
fitness trainer image
Eugene Chan
Personal Trainer
build muscle image
Bryan Lim

Fitness PT

Lady personal trainer img
Eunice Ong

Female Personal Trainer
Degree In Sports Science

Weight loss instructor image
Lionel Lim

Fitness Model

Fitness Trainer
Fitness model image
Jovin Koh
Fitness Instructor

Sports Dip

Winner of Manhunt Singapore and
Manhunt International Best Physique

female gym instructor image

Angelina Tan
Gym instructor

Sports Science Degree

female gym instructor image

Huang Yuyan (Yan)

American Council of Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer
National Women's Model Physique 2011

six pack abs instructor image
Chris Lau
National Bodybuilding Championship
Flye weight runner up 2007 - 2008

Bodybuilding and weight loss coach.

experienced personal trainer in singapore
Johan Buckell
Dip Sports Science
Fitness coach

professional fitness instructor image
Gordon Tan
National Male Pageant
Mr Singapore 2006, 1st runner up
and Mr Manhunt 2008

Singapore Male Model img
Jason Lim
Singapore PT (AMFPT)

handsome male model image
Koh Ming Xuan
Fitness Coach

Singapore Schools Sports
Council Certified Sports Leader
National Male Pageant Mister Sembawang 2009

Singapore female personal trainer img

Nur Saarah a.k.a Faith Lim
BEC and FIC certified lady kickboxing instructor and personal trainer.
National Bodybuilding and Model Fitness 2011 Champion.

Singapore bodybuilder coach image 
Ricky Wong
Bodybuilding Instructor|Coach

Under 85kg silver medalist
47th Singapore National
Bodybuilding Championship

female personal trainer image
Limaran Agustina
Female Gym Instructor

certified gym instructor img

Dennis Ang
Certified PT

Singapore fitness coach image
  Mohd Rizal
Gym Coach
Singapore National Rugby Team

Don't get left behind! To own an attractive and desirable body, use the form below to contact Singapore PTs now. Remember to leave your name, location convenient for you to train in and your contact number to get your free consultation and free health assessment.

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