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Learn How To Make Your Muscle Grow Bigger Faster

Warning - This article is Not for the faint hearted!

So you want to know the secrets to Building Big Muscles? Now, you must understand that if you want to build anabolic huge explosive muscle mass, then you must have the dedication and full commitment to get the muscular body you could have.

The above statement is a no brainer right? Then why is it that muscular wannabes are scouring the internet everyday to get a quick fix on how to build bigger muscles fast, often falling for some dubious muscle building programs that offer supposedly instantaneous explosive muscle gain and come away disappointed? Are you one of them?

I won't mince my words here unlike some websites hoping to sell you their so called muscle bodybuilding programs and proclaiming how easy it is to be a muscle hunk. C'mon, if you really want to build and get truly huge impressive muscles, then you must be ready to take tough but satisfying efforts to achieve your desired body! You must be ready and willing to put in the grunts and sweat to get truly huge otherwise, forget it.

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Therefore, this article with tips on stimulating your muscle to grow really big is for the hardcore muscle building enthusiasts only. It is for those of you who want to build massive well defined muscle mass like those of bodybuilders!

Hardcore bodybuilding effort is involved and unless you are ready to take the hard knocks to grow really big anabolic muscles, then don't bother to read on. Sure you want to carry on reading?

That is why the information in the links which I will show you will be in a no nonsense nature and even can get pretty offensive for some of you. I mean, you are into the real stuff, right? Or would you prefer some sissy glossed over information just to seduce you into purchasing some supposedly easy muscle building programs that do not work?

In other words, if you want to build huge defined muscles you must be able to take it like a man! If you think you are man enough, then read on! You have been warned!

How To Build Muscles

Good, since you are still reading this, I can safely assume that you are really determined to build big slabs of rock hard solid muscles on your body, am I right? So, before we start, you must understand your body type so that you can understand how long it will take for you to get your muscular body to the size you want.

There are basically three main body types and although most people belong to a specific body type, they will also have some features of one or the other in the mix.

  • Endomorph - If you are an Endomorph, then you have a bigger body frame than the average person and tend to put on weight easily (body fat) if you are not already overweight. I suggest that if you belong to this body type category, you should lose your excess fat first before begining a workout program to build truly huge muscles.

    Although it is true that the more muscle mass you have, the easier it is for you to lose weight (fat) because of your heightened metabolism, I do not suggest that you do just that if you are already obese. This is because when you stimulate your muscle growth, your muscles will be growing under your fat and will make you look even more clumsy and visually fatter. You can start building muscle when you are at a healthier desired weight.

    You will not be able to see your muscle defintion or your 6 pack abs because your muscles are hidden under those layer of fats. Although you may be building solid muscles beneath your body fat, you may get demoralized and then give up working out altogether. So isn't it more sensible to lose weight first if you are an Endomorph?

    Click this link if you want to lose weight and tone your muscles first.

  • Mesomorph - As a Mesomorph, you are genetically blessed to have a naturally fit and atheletic body. You are the type to see explosive muscle growth if you know the science to bodybuilding and train with good training techniques. Thank your lucky stars that your quest to attain a bigger and muscular body will be much easier and faster than those who do not have your body type.

    You are genetically blessed with bodybuilding and athletic genes. With correct and good training methods, you will continue to see your muscles growing bigger week after week and soon, they will be bursting the seams of your shirt and even your pants! To, muscle building will be a pinch of salt, that is, if you train and eat correctly

  • Ectomorph - An Ectomorph is naturally thin and skinny. People who belong to the Ectomorph body type are sometimes called 'hardgainers'. Since an Ectomorph is a walking calorie furnace, you burn up most of your calories before they can even feed your muscles for your muscles to grow.

    You probably have tried everything that you possibly can to gain weight and yet, that extra pound or two is always elusive. So you will have to work harder to gain those fabulous muscle weight.

    The good news is that it can be done! You can gain muscle mass. I know that for sure because I have trained many hardgainers to grow from their thin scrawny body structure to become handsome muscular hunks!

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    How To Build Bigger Muscles Fast

    big biceps muscles img

    Gain massively huge muscle mass fast

    If you don't believe that hardgainers can gain big muscle mass, just take a look at the picture above! Can you now see why I can assure you that Ectomorphs or naturally thin and skinny people can gain weight and are able to build handsome muscular physiques!

    The only question is that, do you know how to? Therein lies the secret of building big muscle mass for skinny and thin people.

    How To Build Bigger Muscle Mass Workout Exercises

    It doesn't matter whether if you are an Endomorph, Mesomorph or even an Ectomorph, all of you can get the muscular body that you desire. Here are some reasons why some of you who have already been working out regularly and have yet to see any real tangible muscle growths.

    First of all, can you tell me what are the most frequent weight ressistance exercises you see people do when they are in the gym? Yup, the most common exercises are side bends to get rid of love handles, bicep curls, wrist curls to train their forearms, tricep extensions, sit ups and the likes aren't they?

    Now if you are doing these puny exercises, then be prepared for a nasty shock! You are wasting your freaking time and effort! Yes, these exercises certainly have their own benefits, but they are not the exercises for you to effectively build huge big overall muscle mass!

    Get Big Muscles Supplement img

    If you are doing side bends or waist twisting exercises, you are probably an Endomorph trying to get rid of your love handles, right? Now, you may have heard this before, but I am saying it again to burn it into your brain. There is no such thing as spot reduction! So no matter how hard your work your obliques (the muscles under your love handles), your love handles will always remain there unless you lose sufficient bodyfat.

    In fact, your love handles may grow even bigger because now, you have muscles growing under your fats and thus thickening your waist further! Quit doing these useless puny exercises and start losing weight to reduce your tummy fat and love handles. you are doing hundreds of sit ups everyday to build your abs muscles so that you can flaunt your six pack abs? Let me ask you a question. If that is the case, then why is your 6 pack abs not showing after years and thousands of sit ups, leg raisers and miserable ab crunches?

    The reasons are actually very simple. Firstly, sit up is one of the worst abs exercises and as a matter of fact, can even lead to serious back injuries if done wrongly over a period of time (that will be for another article).

    The second reason is that how can you see your fabulous six pack abs if your abdominal muscle is hiding under your belly fat? Therefore in order to see your abs muscles, you must lose the excessive fats on your belly!

    Now, the other common exercises such as the wrist bends, bicep curls, leg extensions, tricep push downs etc are body specific exercises and these exercises work on isolated muscle parts such as the biceps or the forearms, just to name 2 specific body parts.

    The exercises will stimulate growth in those specific body parts and real muscle growth for the entire body will be agonizingly slow because you will be building muscles part by part and brick by agonizing brick.

    Think about it. Contrast those puny exercises with say the squat, which works your entire lower body, your glutes (butt), your entire back and even your core muscles at the same time and because of its intensity, it leaves you panting after each set of squat which in turn gives you a great aerobic workout as well so as to burn more fat calories!

    Now, even if you combine those puny exercises together, the overall muscle mass building benefits of just a single heavy squat is far more superior beyond any doubt!

    So, if you want to build overall muscle mass on your entire body, you should be executing powerful compound exercises like the squat, dead lift and bench press! These exercises ain't called the BIG 3 for nothing!

    However, be warned. Compound exercises such as the squat which work many muscle parts are to be executed with much heavier weights to be effective and if your form and technique of weight training and muscle building is wrong, you will not be successful at getting the maximum effect of the anabolic exercises and to make matters worse, you are also putting yourself into real risks of serious nasty gym injuries, sometimes even permanent injuries.

    So, to have the knowledge of how to build bigger muscles safely is of utmost importance. Building big muscles is no secret, it is just science of which you can learn.

Best wishes for your big muscles building goals.

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