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How To Use Self Hypnosis Therapy To Lose Weight Or Gain Weight

Yes, you can use self hypnosis to lose weight, gain weight, quit smoking, attract wealth, attract love and a lot of other benefits. It can even be a life changing experience for many people.

If you are constantly procrastinating about getting the bodyshape you want or want to overcome irrational fears such as fear of public speaking or fear of flying or even getting rid of anxiety etc, then self - hypnotism can help you transform your body in the comfort of your own bedroom or helping you to improve your life to the extent that you can only dream about......till now!

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How does hypnotism work?

There are many ludicrous myths and misconceptions about hypnotism and you may have probably heard some of them. Most people think that hypnotism is that of a hypnotist waving a gold watch or pendulum in front of you and you will become a zombie under the complete control of the hypnotherapist or hypnotist.

This is completely untrue and are the results of the influences of Hollywood movies and cartoons. In fact, hypnotherapy as a form of medical and psychiatric treatment is recognised and used in many major and leading hospitals by well trained hynotherapists around the world today.

Many people think that while under hypnotism, they will go into in a state of deep hypnotic trance like sleep. Again this is not true. Hypnosis is merely a state of physical relaxation and it actually heightened your mental alertness.

The subject under hypnotism is able to hear everything that is going on. You can also get up from your bed to full consciousness immediately if you wish to. In other words, you are in full control of yourself. Pleasantly surprised, aren't you?

If you still harbor the deep seated but untrue notion that when you are in the state of hypnotism, you are under the control of your hypnotherapist, then what if I tell you that you can and are in control of yourself with self hypnotism?

In other words, you and only you can program the changes you want into your life and guide yourself to everything and circumstances that you desire such as being successful in your weight control management, your success in your career or a rewarding and satisfying relationship? Aren't these life changing experience going to be exciting for you?

You see, when you are under hypnotism, you are so relaxed that your hypno-therapist or even yourself through self hypnotism can then suggest powerful positive beneficial information into your subconscious mind.

This is when and your best chance to clear your limiting self destructive negative beliefs. Of course this can only be done with your permission and active participation.

Weight Loss Power Hypnosis
Weight Loss Hynosis

For example, if you have trouble keeping to your diet to lose weight and exercise program to gain muscle weight, your hypno therapist can suggest into your subconscious mind information such as why you are able to keep to your diet, how to get your ideal body shape, exercise programs and its healthy benefits.

In this way, you are programing your subconscious mind of letting go of limiting beliefs and implant more beneficial thoughts and beliefs to help you stick to your diet to lose weight or exercise program to gain weigh

Now, instead of visiting a real hypnotist to lose weight/gain weight or for any other therapies and paying expensive hourly consultations, you can now conduct your own self hypnosis through CDs, DVDs and MP3s in the comfort of your own bedroom. Isn't that an easy way to slim down, attract love, gain weight, attract wealth or manifest anything that you desire?

Herebelow are some amazingly helpful self hypnosis programs by world renown Master Hypnotherapist Victoria Gallagher Wizell which will bring you many life changing exciting benefits. I know because I have used some of these self hypnosis programs myself and for my clients and can testify that they work wonders! That is why I am recommending them on my website here.

Don't just take my word for it. See it for yourself and experience the positive magical benefits of self hypnotism.

Best Wishes

Weight loss hypnotism author

Change Your Life For The Better Now With Self Hypnosis!

Lose Weight/Gain Weight/Body Shaping Self Hypnosis CD, DVD, MP3 Programs

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Healthy Diet and Exercise - Now is your chance to exercise and eat healthily. The ultimate weight control management hypnotic program to perfect health and bodyshape.
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Get Firm Slim Sexy Legs - Sick and tired of your ugly fat flabby thighs? Learn how self hypnosis can help you lose thigh fat and get slim lean sexy legs like supermodels. Your thunder thighs days are over!

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