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How To Get Sexy Perky Round Bubble Butt

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Round sexy perky male bubble butt
Do you often look into the mirror and wonder why your butt stays flat or even droopy even though you have worked them hard with brutal squats and lunges?

Have you ever envy others who have big tight sexy perky buns that scream for attention when they are in a pair of body hugging jeans or in their swimwear?

Since a tighter perky backside is one of the most, if not the most attractive part of the human body and wouldn't it be wonderful if you can own the perfect butt cheeks? So, how can you get a bigger and sexier round rear bum?

To most people, the buttocks are the most aesthetically pleasing part of the human body and many people are attracted merely by the shape of somebody's butt. Nothing seems more attractive to men than women's booty in super tight sexy jeans.

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As for women, most of them pay attention to men's buttocks at the first glance to size up the men. This is because most of your body parts are covered up with the clothes you are wearing and the butt is the most obvious anatomy observable unless you do not have bigger than average sexy round bums or you are in a very lose fitting pants.

Top celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue, Catherine Zeta Jones, Beyonce Knowles, Eva Mendes, Britney Spears, Charlize Theron , Cindy Crawford, Kate Winslet, Madonna and Sophie Loren are all well known for having some of the hottest sexiest bums in the world during their prime and beyond!

As for the men, Brad Pitt, Timothy Dalton, Daniel Craig, Arnold Schwarzengger, Jean Claude Van Damme and David Beckham amongst many others are well known for their tight sexy buns. By the way, most if not all of these stars are also known for their athletic abilities. In other words, they exercise and develop their well toned body including their big round butts!

Exercising your bun to get it bigger, tighter and moulding it into the round shape that you desire will require quite a bit of science and a degree of work, especially so for those of you who are not genetically blessed with a desirably attractive fanny.

If you know the secrets to building butt muscles, you can get beautiful shapely butt cheeks pretty quickly.

Understanding Your Butt Shape

Your bum is made up entirely of muscle, fat and skin. There is no bone structure there to hold up the tissues and therefore the shape of your butt is determined by these three tissues alone.

A man's butt will naturally have more muscle, less fat and less skin than women's buns. This must be known because it is the muscle that gives the form to the butt.

The fat gives it constituency while the skin binds everything together and puts it into a sexy presentation, which is to say if you have a sexy perky round butt to begin with. So if you want to have a big, tight and perky butt, you must get all this three tissue combinations correct.

Build Bigger Butt Muscles (Glutes)

There are three butt or gluteal muscles and they are the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus, collectively called the glutes for short. Your gluteus maximus is the largest of the three and is one of the strongest muscles in the body. Since your gluteus maximus forms bulk of buttock muscle mass, it is this muscle that makes up a large proportion of the asthetic appearance of the shape of your bum.

It is the butt muscles that gives you that tight perky round butt shape and thus it is important to know how to build your glutes with the correct exercises to firm and lift them up to give your backside a natural face lift.

Next, you must also understand that there is a science to exercising your bun for the maximum uplift as different types of exercises will get different results because there are different exercises for building, toning and lengthening of your butt muscles.

Female perky ass image
Sexy female butt shape
The reason for those of you with droopy saggy backsides is that the structural support of the muscles is simply too weak to hold up the fat and skin and that is why your butt sags. As for those with the flat butt look, it is because you do not have enough muscles to perk the buttock up nicely and sexily.

Understanding Buttock Fat

There is the layer of fatty tissue on top of the muscles that generally give the butt its round and perky shape. Again, in order to get the perfect butt shape, there has to be just the right amount of fat to make its shape looking appealing and irresistibly attractive.

A bodybuilder's butt is made up of almost all muscles and skin and although it is ideal for bodybuilding contests, we can hardly say that it is sexy because there is just not enough fat to mould it into an eye candy appealing shape. Same goes to a person who has a big butt made up largely of fat tissues and the fanny will look lumpy and out of proportion.

About Backside Skin

Most people do not know that it is actually the skin which holds the butt together and also contributes substantially in keeping that tight perky sexy look.

To have an appealing round bubble butt shape is to have a tight skin across the butt area to hold the sexy round shape firmly. Even if you have a lot of fat with little muscle, if the butt skin is tight enough, the shape of the butt can still look pretty good although it will not look bigger.

Wishing you all the best in getting a tight sexy bottom and cheeky bubble backside that make heads turn!

Best Wishes

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